3D simulation reduces
development time and improves
design qualityAutomation Software Sysmac Studio

オートメーションソフトウェア Sysmac StudioSYSMAC-SE2□□□(2020年4月発売)



Complex and short-term development

Diversified products and short product lifecycle require more complex and faster development of production equipment.

Shortage of engineers

Global shortage of labor and soaring labor costs make it difficult to recruit engineers.


Rework of design

Although a control program is created and debugged after mechanical design and operation specification design, unexpected operation is observed during verification on physical devices. This requires rework of design.

Long development time due to inadequate specifications

Development according to inadequate operation specifications requires frequent addition and modification of the specifications, resulting in long development time.

3D simulation in Sysmac Studio solves these challenges

Reduce rework

Operation of a created control program can be verified immediately in a virtual environment. This improves program accuracy during the design process, reducing rework at verification on physical devices and saving development time.

Improve design quality and engineering efficiency

Simulations can be used to test feasibility during process design or to share the same understanding between mechanical and electrical designers during operation design, improving design quality and significantly boosting the engineering efficiency of equipment.

Features of simulation

3D simulation without using CAD software

Use only the Sysmac Studio with 3D CAD data* for 3D simulations. Improved design quality increases the engineering efficiency of equipment.
There is no need to install expensive CAD software, reducing introduction costs.

* 3D CAD data supports STEP/IGES.

Introducing example of simulation of Pick & Place machine (1 minute and 13 seconds)

NEWSimplified behaviors settings

The motion of parts in equipment can be simulated in 3D by configuring settings without previously required Shape Script programming.

Behavior type Image Description
Loader Loader Displays 3D shape data as a part at a specified position.
Unloader Unloader Hides a part at a specified position.
Clamp Clamp Grasps and releases a part with a robot hand.
Conveyor Conveyor Moves a part on a conveyor.
Push Push Pushes a part with a component such as a cylinder.
Sensor Sensor Detects a part with a sensor.
(The ON/OFF state is changed in the ladder program.)
Physics 物理シミュレーション Drops a part or slides it down a slope.

Increased 3D simulation targets

In addition to mechanical components, custom mechanical components and parallel mechanism components can be simulated in 3D.

【Components That Custom Mechanics Realize】
Electric cylinder
Electric chuck
Custom robot (Parallel Link, Serial)
Custom mechanical (Linear - rotational compound mechanism)

Setup 1: Easy configuration via wizard

Wizard-based configuration for simulation using 3D CAD models is much easier than operation of software from CAD manufacturers.

Introducing how to add a mechanism for simulate (1 minute and 05 seconds)

Setup 2: No special programs required

No special programs are required for simulation using sensors and solenoids (e.g., cylinder and chuck), which significantly reduces setup time for 3D simulation.

Introducing example of sensor setting for object detection (1 minute and 17 seconds)

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